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Sometimes two people need to step apart
and make a space between
that each might see the other anew,
in a glance across a room
or silhouetted against the moon.
~Robert Brault

Love. Hurt. Indifference. Intention. Disgust.

You used to be someone who I cared deeply about and whom I poured my heart to. Thus, it only made sense for my world to shatter. I didn’t understand. I tried to understand. Finally, I had to forget, had to stop caring or at least try. Over time, I became indifferent. Your existence in my world or in the world did not matter to me, nor did I care. Struggling with the past. Striving for the future. It is too cruel our worlds had to re-collide. I had every intention of being in control yet couldn’t stop myself from getting sucked in. As if once was not already enough, I found myself caught in old cycles, old habits, old pain. Slowly, I found my grounding again. The earth no longer shakes and trembles below. Today I’ve found that you disgust me. It surprises me yet I can’t help but think you brought it upon yourself. I had started to think I would always be indifferent and could live my life without a thought of you floating through my head.

Where will this go? How will it end?

“Don’t let the darkness of the past cover the brightness of the future.” – Unknown


PRIUS be Mine!

After months… okay, what seems like months of searching, I’ve finally settled and decided on a used Prius. For 110k miles and at almost 10K after taxes and fees, it didn’t seem like such  a bad purchase either. Consumer Reports describes it as a mid-sized family sedan. I admit the style of the body is not the most stylish but it still looks pretty nice. For all of the features that come with it, I’d say it was worth the money. It looks a little weird sitting in my driveway, like it doesn’t belong. That makes me wonder if I shouldn’t have been so quick to buy it. It’s very roomy and it’s a little weird because I’m not used to so much room. The seats are very comfortable and I’m looking forward to driving it a lot!


You know summer is here when the thunderstorms start rolling in and the mosquito bites start appearing. Thinking about mosquito bites made me start thinking about how much mosquito bites are an analogy of life.

The bites appear at random places and you never seem to remember when they happened. Some bites are small bumps, some are large bumps. Sometimes the more you pick at it, the more troublesome they become just like the issues in your life. Sometimes you just have to leave them alone; other times you have to be more assertive and apply ointment to treat the bites. All in good time though, they’ll go away. Sometimes you won’t be able to tell you even had a bite. Other times, the bite has left a scab on our skin.

“Each fairy breath of summer, as it blows with loveliness, inspires the blushing rose.”  – Unknown