For the last few nights now, I keep having a very similar dream. In this dream, I am sitting in a room with other people – my siblings it seems – and we are watching TV; outside it starts raining. In the earlier dreams, the rain would get heavier and I would be afraid the rain would break through the window. As the dreams progress, each time it rains, the rain seems to fall down harder, faster; the winds stronger, fiercer. Then mixed in with the rain come gun shots. In last night’s dream, the gun shots were more concentrated and finally one of the shots hits the window and it breaks. The breaking of the window lets in the rain from outside. It’s not a splattering of water but a gush and soon the living room is flooded. I yell out to someone to take the younger kids out of the room and somewhere safe. I yell out to someone else to help me grab valuable, useful items. We try to grab what we can carry but it didn’t take long before the water catches up to us. Oddly, even though I remember the water level being about already 4 feet high, I was able to walk normally in the room.

We manage to escape to higher ground. I see that we’re not the only ones there. There is a whole group of people camped out on a hill. I don’t remember any rain when we are sitting on the hill. Then someone walks by and says something to us about how we have to stay on the hill and higher ground. Everything below has been blocked off. They tell us about how there was something bad that happened down there and that we shouldn’t go down there. “Attempt at your own risk. Don’t interact with the people who are still stuck down there.” That is all they say.

I remember thinking something weird was going on and it didn’t make sense to me. I had to find out but I didn’t know what it was I was looking for or what I intended to find. At that moment, my younger sister tugs on my arm and says she needs to use the bathroom. Not really knowing who to trust anymore, I use this as an opportunity to explore for myself and find out what is really going on, I take my sister down the hill back towards where everything happened. I see there has been a steel bridge put up across a hole that is now sealed up. We attempt to cross but it becomes too dangerous so we turn back.

Somehow the scene changes. I no longer worry so much about my younger siblings, especially the very little ones. There are now 4 or 5 other people who are trying to help me. We wait until it is darker, then we try to gain access to where everyone escaped from. I remember climbing down a tunnel and trying not to be seen. Once we reach a low landing, low enough to get a good view of everything below, we all stop to take a look. We see a bunch of people sitting, staring aimlessly, at what I don’t know; and waiting, for whom or what, I don’t know.

Not to far from where we are standing, we spot an old lady, probably in her late 60s or 70s, sitting. She looks pretty harmless. Slowly we approach her and someone in our group reaches out to her and says something to her, asking her what is this place and what is going on. She says something about how something evil has happened, leaving everyone that did not manage to escape like this.She tells us she cannot see and her skin no longer is receptive to touch. This shocks the person who reached out to her and they withdraw their hand gasping, wondering what it is that could have caused all of this.

In that moment of, the old lady jumps up and points down below and says something about an officer in the midst. Everyone jumps up alert. In my head, I thought it was weird the old lady who claimed to be blind and having lost all sense feeling, would be the first to notice the officer. Something’s not right. My eyes quickly scan the landscape and I see all of the other people who before were sitting placidly, were now all slowly rising, no longer the same beings they had been only moments before. I shout out to my team, “This is a trap. We have to get out of here now.”

At that moment, as we retreat and attempt to escape who knows what it was, I wake up. I hope to never have to find out what it was that was going on down there.


One thought on “Dreams

  1. frightening dream indeed…. but a wonderful dream by way of interpretation…. the house is yourself… a physical manifestation of your metaphorical self… the window panes breaking is the breaking of limits… the intense rain is beautiful symbol…rain/water is cleansing…. the situation is terrifying because it is a great unknown and you’re grappling with unsettling things in your mind…. things known yet unknown…the rain is cleansing…. rain as a cleansing agent in all world cultures and religions means this: it is forgiveness… it is restarting…being reborn symbolically anew… it is a new lease on life, a new beginning…. washing away of the past and the the linkages to the future…because it connects the ground to the heaven it is a symbol of the future…. and an agent of change… new things and new beginnings, new starts and freshness…. cleansing….forgiveness…that’s what rain is. a bad and worthy dream.

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