I’ve always loved flowers and especially roses or anything resembling a rose. About half a year ago, I bought a gardenia plant from a fundraiser. When I bought it, the gardenia plant had one fully bloomed flower on it and no other buds.  The tag that came with the plant said to make sure the water was moist, to fertilize the plant every 2 weeks and to make sure it gets lots of sunlight. I thought, “Okay, sounds easy enough. Pretty much the same kind of care that other plants require.” 

It was probably about the beginning of spring when I first bought the plant so I kept it inside while the weather was still starting to get warm. Later, my  mom moved my gardenia outside and ended up putting it in a shady spot and I didn’t realize  it until about a week later and moved it into the sunlight. Despite fertilizing the gardenia and making sure it got lots of sunlight, I didn’t see any other buds and the plant started looking less and less healthy.

Earlier, I looked up how to care for a gardenia plant and realized it is a lot more challenging to take care of than I had thought. The thing my gardenia tag failed to tell me was that gardenias like humidity. Tomorrow, I’m going to re-fertilize my gardenia and figure out a way to create more humidity for it. A few of the websites I looked at suggested placing a drip tray with some wet rocks in it under the plant.

It’ll be a challenge to figure out and practice caring for my gardenia properly but I am determined to make it bloom!


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