Job Hunting

I hate job hunting. There are so many ambiguities and what if’s involved. What’s worse is trying to look for something that could be a long term job and possibly a career. It’s hard because you question yourself about if you want to get involved in the organization or role you’re considering applying for and then you wonder if you want your life to go in the direction it may go in if you get involved in that position.

Regardless of all the what if’s and all the things I dislike about job hunting, I, slowly but surely, have to start looking for another job. I will be reaching the 6 month mark in my second term of service in February and that means there isn’t that much more time for me
as an AmeriCorps member. It’s probably better for me anyways to make myself look for jobs right now instead of looking when February comes around. I found a few good job postings today and now I have to customize my resume and write cover letters for each of them. Pretty much all except for one position is “open until filled” so there is no concrete deadline, although I know I should probably submit my application as soon as I can.

It’s always so hard for me to start my cover letters though… It’s always hard for me to start drafting anything period. I guess being a perfectionist, it all has to be perfect before going down on paper, which makes it even harder to start drafting. Time is not on my side either. Joining the InterCorps Council and taking on a second part-time job, in addition to my responsibilities at home have definitely made their demands on my time. Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite because I appear to be organized on the outside but if you were to step into my world, my room, my mind, you’ll find that is far from the truth.

Sigh. Oh life.

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at something worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt 


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