Weird Dreams

For the past two nights, I’ve had very weird dreams – both involving cars and driving. In the first dream, I’m driving in my Prius and it’s dark outside. As I’m driving, something weird happens to my eyes. It’s like they were zooming in somewhere and started trying to auto focus like a lens would. I’m freaking out behind the driver’s seat because I can’t see. My vision starts to clear up but as soon as it does my eyes will try to auto focus again. The dream ends with me panicking and my eyesight blurring as I glance out over the horizon.

In the most recent dream, I’m with my family in the my car and we are right in front of our house. I’m backing up into the driveway, slowly because there is snow on the ground. I remember trying to look out in my rear because there was so much snow piled up that I couldn’t see. My dad was telling me that I was good and should park but I wasn’t satisfied and wanted to adjust the position of the car. I turned my wheels slightly, with my car in reverse, I stepped on the gas. I remember only gently tapping the pedal but somehow my car spun and did a fishtail.

While my car was fishtailing, I somehow was no longer in the car but was watching what was happening from a bird’s eye view. My car had spun and crashed into a truck and took out most of the driver’s side. As soon as I had fully comprehended what had happened, I freaked out. I had just hit someone else’s car. My car was ruined. I’d have to compensate them. I’d have to get my car fixed. My insurance would go up. All of the money and costs were piling up. I wanted to just run away from the scene but knew I shouldn’t and thought I’d probably be in even more trouble if somehow things were traced back to me. It didn’t make sense to me what that other car was doing there or whose it was. It just all didn’t make sense because it was my driveway but it seemed like I was in someone else’s driveway, violating someone else’s property.

I finally worked up the courage to go find the owner of the truck and talk to them. The owner turned out to be a white male in his mid-40s. He was more confused than angry when I told him what happened. I told him I would make sure that the damages are taken care of and that I had insurance. He got really upset when I said that and said he didn’t want any “discovery” quotes. Turns out he meant he didn’t want just a figure about how much the damages were because it didn’t mean I was going to pay. I reassured him that I would make sure to pay, that I was an AmeriCorps member and didn’t make very much but would make sure that I paid him no matter what. I told him I didn’t have very much but could pay him as much as I could… $1,000, no $1,500.

Oddly, after he felt assured that he would get compensated, his whole personality changed. He wanted to know more about me, what happened and what I was doing there. I told him I was there with my family and he wanted to meet them. Everyone came inside and the guy called his family to come and meet us. He started talking to his wife about something and she went searching in her closet and came back and gave my mom all of these clothes. He did the same thing, trying to search for some clothes for my dad, at the same trying to call his kids down. He even invited us to stay for the night and started making preparations for us.

Of all the weird dreams I’ve had, that last dream is probably the most puzzling. My first thought when I woke up this morning was perhaps these two dreams were a sign I should stay off the roads and be more careful when I’m driving. The more I thought about it, I thought maybe there was some other meaning. Perhaps the first dream was an interpretation of my desire to gain clarity on where I’m going and the second was interpretive of what is to come, that I will unexpectedly be in a situation that will turn out to have an unforeseen positive outcome for me and my family.

I know I shouldn’t try to interpret too much from dreams or have too much faith in them but whenever I have any odd dreams like the two I described here, I’m always puzzled and like to try and figure out what the whole dream was supposed to imply or represent.

“I dreamed I was buying new shoes last night,” said Ron. “What d’ya think that’s gonna mean?”
“Probably that you’re going to be eaten by a giant marshmallow or something,” said Harry.” – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


One thought on “Weird Dreams

  1. hey – don’t worry or think too much… if anything they both have the same message of lacking and seeking clarity and better understanding. your blurry vision is your yearning past what you have gotten over the hump of some horizon from which you had prior blindspots and bad judgement. above all, I think your dreams are about seeking clarity, forgiving yourself, and wanting to learn more, always 🙂

    otherwise, don’t think too much 🙂

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