Niall Cooper

Do we treat people in poverty as an undeserving underclass, hapless victims, or potential agents for change and transformation? As we are discovering in our work at Church Action on Poverty, ordinary people can do extraordinary things…

Contrary to the growing view that people on low-incomes are dysfunctional, dependent shirkers and skivers, Church Action on Poverty’s experience over the last 30 years has proved again and again that people in poverty not only understand the root causes of their problems, but are highly effective at creating lasting solutions to them.  Instead of imposing policies or top-down solutions, we use radical, participatory tools that help people in poverty access power and education, creating a network of grassroots social change that continues to grow.

Sarah: An inspiration for others

A 29 year old single parent living a life on benefits in Salford, Sarah Whitehead seemingly had little going for her.  Like many…

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