I Dream of Teeth

Last night I had another dream about teeth again. In this dream, I’m at my bathroom sink, brushing my teeth. When I’m done brushing, I rinse my mouth and inspect my teeth. One of my front teeth on the far right looks a little weird so I’m touching it trying to figure out what’s weird about it. I realize the tooth is loose and after two wiggles it comes free. This freaks me out because now I have a gap in my teeth. As I’m rinsing my mouth out again to clean it up after the loose tooth came out, I feel objects swimming around in my mouth. I spit out into my palm and notice pieces of teeth and even whole teeth. If I wasn’t panicking and freaking out before, I really am now. I keep probing my mouth, touching my teeth, trying to figure out what’s going on. One of the teeth that I spit out was decayed and gray. The majority of my back teeth on the right side (the side I mainly use to chew and eat food) were gone. Most of my front teeth were still intact.

I had a similar dream in the past few months involving teeth and becoming teeth-less. In that dream however, I remember discomfort in my mouth and feeling my gums coming loose. I remember feeling my gums and somehow popping out my teeth (sort of like dentures) to clean them and they just disintegrated, lost shape, and fell apart in my hands. I remember trying my best to hold them together to keep their shape because I wanted to keep them intact to put back into my mouth.

I find it very unusual because I’ve never had teeth dreams before nor have I had disturbing dreams involving teeth. When people grow old, their teeth start deteriorating, enamel is gone, cavities form, teeth need to be pulled out, crowns put in. Perhaps this is an indicator that I am afraid of growing old? Of losing my beauty and youth?


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