Loving Beyond Boundaries

When the caged bird is free, she can enjoy the freedom of being outside and unhindered by walls and chains. She looks at her life from a different perspective, now being on the outside looking in on what her life used to be. The wind upon her breast feels different. The sun beaming on her is warmer, brighter. The world radiates in a way it never did before, in a way she never knew it could before.

I was this bird. Stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere with a guy that did not love or appreciate me as I did him. What’s worse is that he clipped my wings by making me feel inferior in everything I did and did not do and even today, he continues to lower my self-esteem by pointing out all my faults and how our relationship fell apart because I was to blame. But that all doesn’t matter anymore because I have escaped that cage. I have found someone who is not an owner but a mate. He does not possess nor does he lead. Instead, he is present, always there alongside me when I turn around, ready to hold my hand to support me or to give me a little push in the direction I need to go.

Not good enough is now more than enough. Conditions melt away and you, yourself is good enough for him. Passion now lies in place of aggression. To be happy means just simply you and him. What makes you happy is what he wants to do. The bed head, the sweaty self after a long day in the hot sun working out, the make up less face, the casual, tomboyish clothes do not bother him for you alone are enough.  It all does not matter because he loves the heart of you. He loves you and the essence of you. As long as he knows you are there, all he has to do is stare into your eyes for everything else is of mere significance.

You can tell when a guy is pretty crazy about you and I can sure tell he’s pretty crazy about me. Loving without boundaries, conditions or measures. This is how it should be. This is when you know it’s worth being present and invested. He is what makes the battle worth fighting for.

Yes, I never knew the world could radiate like this before but I’m glad I know now. 


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