The Courage To Let Go

Sometimes you just need to find the courage to let go.

Taking a leap of faith. Jumping without taking in my full surroundings. Jumping without knowing what is below nor what is to come. Leaving the comfort I have come to know. Jumping but not yet ready to let go.

We are not meant to stand still. The places we have gone, we can always come back to. The people we have come to know, we can always re-connect with. Our time in each place and with each person will vary. Some will always draw us back to them whereas some are only meant to be a resting place for us to catch our breath and to refresh our minds. Every person, every place, every situation brings us to them for their own reason and brings us to them when we need to encounter them.

We have to learn to trust more and question less. We have to have the courage to say goodbye, to move on, to let go.


One thought on “The Courage To Let Go

  1. in life and professionally, part of inner/outer courage is also to find the strength to say NO… I find that as a counterpart to letting go too…accept or more consciously pick the things we refuse to affect or want to/can affect…and to effect the things we truly care for or want time to expend. you can’t do everything and be everything to everyone. above all….a great professional speaker once gave me the best advice that reminds me of this blog post – in 10th grade, my English teacher invited a business consultant to come speak to us…she consults on communicatiosn and body language/public speaking. her advice was the best…she said “you have to leave where you are, to get to where you’re going or want to be.” yes. that’s all courage….to let go and accept.

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