About Me

Hi there,

I’m excited you’ve stumbled upon my blog! Here you’ll find a collection of posts about my personal life, reflections, desires, ruminations, and life thoughts.

The title my blog xiangxin is Chinese and can have two meanings if you read it based on the pinyin alone. 伤心 means broken hearted while 相信 means believe. The latter is what I have chosen to title this blog. Sometimes we have to just believe, believe that everything will work out, believe there is a reason for everything, believe in ourselves, believe in the world, even when believing seems hard to do. Which brings me to 伤心 because believing is hard and there will be many times when you are broken hearted or you have to overcome your broken heartedness in order to believe again.

For those of you who have been broken hearted, I urge you to believe again. For those that have always believed, continue believing.

Thank you for following me on my blog!

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